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This page is to inform the citizens of the United States and North Platte, Nebraska of the education reform efforts underway. Over the past nine years, I have done extensive research on Outcome-Based Education, Whole Language vs Phonics, School-toWork, and other elements required to make school reform successful.

Please visit and read the following to be totally informed!

Outcome-Based Education

Whole Language vs Phonics


The Hatch Admendment: Protect your rights as a parent and/or student!

School-To-Work: The Comming Collision

School-To-Work: Businessmen Should Know Better

American Dream or American Nightmare?

Bite Size Pieces of Goals 2000

NEA's Guide to the "Extreme" Right (the text of the material!)

Trend Report...The Restructuring of America

What's Important in Education: 1970 to now

An Education Revolution?

The famous Marc Tucker(National Center on Education and the Economy) Letter to Hillary Clinton

"What Worked" is the Clue to Untangling School Reform

Teacher Wants Just the Facts!

A Paradigm Shift

Questions to Ask Your School Board Candidates

What Kind of Critic are You? (A study group that took place in North Platte, Nebraska may give you a good idea!)

Surveys and Questionaires from the North Platte Public Schools

Show Me the Research! (North Platte, Nebraska school board members reject parent's request)

Fifth Grader Asks Her Own Questions

Teachers: The Key to Helping America Read

Volunteerism in Curricula Offers Students No Choice

Pretty Good, by Charles Osgood

This page was last updated on July 14, 1998